» The Indirect tax regime in India is a labyrinth of various laws and regulations, including State specific laws. Our indirect tax professionals with their wide-ranging experience and in-depth knowledge help clients in effective planning, which in turn helps in cost minimization.

Why indirect tax matters

» The flow of money represented by indirect taxes can account for up to a third of a company's annual turnover. Yet its existence is barely detectable in an annual report, because indirect tax payments and recoveries tend to be managed by billing and purchasing departments rather than as a tax function. This low profile can lead to cash flow squeezes, underpayments and penalties for non-compliance. The indirect tax burden is, in short, much larger than it seems.

Change of role of tax function

» Because of increase in cross board trade e.g. M & A, Multinational Co-operation and electronic commerce and constant flux in legislative environment due to the introduction of new legislations, or changes in the existing provisions of law and further pressure of “sustainable development” of the economic, social and environmental dimensions has forced a change in the role of tax functionary from traditional role of “cost centre” to the increased focus as business and financial performer in addition to meeting traditional compliance and reporting obligation. Now as a tax function one has to identify and anticipate potential risk and its effective management. Tax function plays either an influencer or key member role in the areas of strategy development, planning, execution & post execution monitoring of business. The role and responsibilities of the tax function necessitates that it is closely integrated with the company’s overall business strategy and risk portfolio and play an integral part of risk management.

MeLIORIS is to make better, to improve, to heal or solve a problem.

» MeLIORIS's Indirect Tax Practice is your business partner in addressing fiscal challenges through the core value proposition of the strategic management of indirect taxes. We offer comprehensive advice and assistance in all areas of indirect taxes from customs to central excise, from service tax to works contract tax and sales tax and now, VAT. All this is backed by litigation support at every stage. We also offer expertise on all aspects of trade policy, including on free trade agreements, anti dumping duties and cross border supply chains.

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